Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Do I need to have travel health insurance?

During your stay abroad, travel insurance provides you with complete and reliable protection, in the event of sudden illness or accident. Since abroad, the costs of medical, travel and legal assistance are very high, by purchasing a travel insurance policy, the insurance company lists the costs of your salary for you.

What is a package deal?

The package arrangement usually includes accommodation, transportation, and transfer - if it is a flight arrangement. It can also include airport taxes, travel insurance, trips, etc., but in the travel program itself, it must be clearly emphasized what goes into the package price package and what does not.

Is hotel categorization the same all over the world?

In order to qualify for the categorization, the hotel must fulfill certain conditions, which each state prescribes for himself. Categorization is done by a certain national institution. Keep in mind that the categorization in our country can be significantly different from the categorization in another country.

Does Agape Travel provide visas for travel to countries for which visas are required?

"Agape Travel" provides the necessary travel documentation, if the traveler wishes to take out an individual visa. The passenger is handing over the documentation to the Embassy of the country for which his visa is applied. If a passenger is denied a visa, the agency is not responsible, in which case a travel cancellation member is applied.

What happens if a passenger cancels a trip?

If the passenger decides to give up the trip, the General conditions of the organizer's trip shall be applied, which shall be given to the passenger when booking and signing the contract.