Kopaonik is the largest and the longest mountain range in Serbia. It is located in the Raska region on the southwest of Serbia. The highest peak at 2.017 m is named Pancicev Vrh. Due to its location, climate, forests, variety of herbs, and area for holiday and recreation, 121.06 km2 of Kopaonik territory was proclaimed a national park in 1981. Kopaonik has a subalpine climate with almost 200 sunny days during the year.


                                Kopaonik      Kopaonik


It is the largest center of winter tourism in Serbia. Kopaonik is mainly a destination for skiing and snowboarding. The Ravni Kopaonik plateau is a tourist area, with a wide range of accommodation and ski slopes. Another tourist spot is located near the village of Brzeca, on the eastern part of Kopaonik. The first class ski slopes lie between 1650 m and 2017 m above sea-level. This tourist resort has a network of 24 ski-lifts connected in one system and 2 children’s lifts, and caters for all types of skiers. The ski-lift system covers the ski slopes total 55 km in length. Guests can also use a 12km-slope for Nordic skiing, and in Crvene Bare there are marked slopes of 3, 5 and 10 km in length.


Kopaonik      Kopaonik      Kopaonik